Image Preview Changer App For Android

Hey friends Today We Are share In This New App Whatsapp New Super Amazing Trick on your smart phone Upload two images, and click on the share button to share the image in messaging apps like whatsapp(currently tested and working)
The image will be having the preview of image1, and after downloaded will change to image2.
You can only see the original once sent.
Only the person receiving the image will see the change, and that too only if they have disabled media auto download
Step 1: Open WhatsApp app and see the Status Stories of your contacts
Step 2: After you have seen the status stories, open our Status Saver App
Step 3: Tada, You have all the photos or videos which are posted as status stories available. You can save them, share them or if you don’t want the saved pics or videos, you can delete them too.
With Whatsapp’s new status stories feature, all statuses automatically disappear after 24 hours. So with our Story Saver app, you can save your status stories and can access it anytime. You can also share the stories to other people via any app you have. But make sure you have permission from the owners of the photos/videos.

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