How to Remove Unwanted Parts in Body – TouchRetouch Apk


   Photo Retouch

A Photo Retouch app that comes with great and handy features to retouch your photos.

Retouch means you can edit your photos on your finger tip. For example : Removing unwanted object from the photos, remove pimples and blemishes from the face and many more possible things.All these things you can do by simply marking the objects on your photos and boom its gone by one touch button and also you can get rid of those using standalone photo editing softwares.
This is an instant photo retouch application through which you can also beautify your face by removing pimples and blemishes.You can remove duplicate objects by using Stamp tools.There are video tutorials thorugh which you can easily be trained to how use the miscellaneous tools.

TouchRetouch is an app where users can remove unwanted objects from their photos.

Removing Unwanted Objects from Photos

TouchRetouch can remove objects from photos such as power lines, telephone wires and poles, jagged lines on surfaces, photobombers, man-made structures and others that can spoil precious photos. Other than environmental obstructions, users can remove facial blemishes and pimples from their photos Blemish Remover

Convenient Editing Tools

Users can simply remove everything undesirable from their photos with its tools like Single-Flick Line Removal, One Touch Repair, Clone Stamp, Brush or Lasso selection, and more. The app’s video tutorials provide further instructions on how to use the tools efficiently. Any pictures edited with this app are saved so that users can restore their default, unedited state.

No More Surprise Photobombs

While editing photos in computers may take time, TouchRetouch instantly removes obstructions and facial blemishes. It helps unclutter photos and keeping the subject focused.



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