Best Application For Forward All Calls And SMS Remotley Control For Android

Hi Friends now share in this app Best Application For Forward All Calls And SMS Remotley Control  Remotely divert or forward all calls (if carrier allows to) & SMS via text message with Remote SMS Call Forward / Divert.
Check the forward conditions (SMS/Calls) and correct them if needed.
You’re good to go!
If you forget your phone at home just send a SMS from another phone to your phone with the password, command and the new number. e.g. “pass all number” – where:is the password;
all” represents the command (forward calls and SMS
number” represents the phone number you want to redirect to;
If you want to stop the forwarding just send a SMS with the password from the new phone to your phone.
Divert all calls (if carrier allows to, based on a string provided) and SMS to the phone number provided via SMS;
Can customize redirection string (prefix and suffix) to make the application suitable for you carrier;
Uses a password to enable / disable divert via SMS. For disabling divert send the password;
Receive notification via SMS regarding the divert request;

Note: The default settings for redirection are for Orange Romania carrier.
We are not responsible for any cost involved in any SMS and Call forwarding.
The carrier may imply different charges based on the number you divert to (different carrier, roaming etc).


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