Best Geektyper programming App For Android

Hey friends today share in this new app Finally, the most popular pretend programming app is available for Android
Have you ever wanted to look cool in front of your friends and pretend you know programming? This is your chance to show your master skills!
This site is intended to be a practical JOKE. We are not responsible for any trouble you may get into with this.
The “hacking” isn’t real, and everything you type isn’t stored anywhere. Your preferences are stored in your browser’s cache. We are not responsible for user created content.
Geek Typer Project created by fediaFedia and Lexuzieel.
Thanks to Giblet and sxp for their help. Also thanks to Jimmy and Mike-Dragon. Script by Simone Masiero. Credits to Introversion for the Encryption image and to Big Tree World for the VB hacking GUI


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