How to find hidden apps on Android

Hello Friends Today share in new app best Hidden Apps allows you to detect hidden, malicious applications, spyware, Malwarebytes with or without an icon in the application list. Malicious binary system that doesn’t show his icon.
A hidden application in the launcher that is not displayed.
Malicious applications that don’t use a known name.
Finds and shows applications that are not necessarily malicious but don’t have their proper icons.

Well, it’s a good idea to remove apps or hidden application that you do not use even if they are not malicious one.
Hidden Apps recommends removing them directly to boost up your device performance not only remove spyware or malware but also delete the apps you don’t use because there is an application that does not run but receives information about various services of your device.
The removal will help you improve the performance of your mobile phone or tablet.
This application allows you to open some android settings, which some telephony providers hide from the user.
Some applications can be considered excessive authority and that doesn’t have to hide its icon.
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