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Hey Friends Today We are Share In this new App offers skill-based fantasy games in cricket, based on single matches in T20 and ODIs. Matches in the Fantasy Cricket App, are listed by series or championships, user can either directly click on the match to select a particular match or search for the match by series in the drop-down menu. Further, in the App, matches may be listed in two categories as Current or Upcoming. Current matches are the ones, which a user currently can select and enter or register in a contest for playing. Upcoming matches, are mainly for the information on future possible matches and are not yet open for user participation.
The timer on a match indicates the time remaining for the user to participate in a fantasy contest for the match. After the lapse of indicated remaining time, any contest not participated by a user would expire and no longer be available for selection/participation by the user.

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In higher skilled leagues, Fast Score and Max Bash, batting is restricted to only one inning or to an inning’s equivalent overs; therefore, user has to decide a batting order, batting related points in these leagues are counted until the cumulative balls faced by the players through the set batting order does not exceed an inning’s overs, that is 20 overs (120 ball faced) for a T20 match or 50 overs (300 balls faced) for an ODI match. In Fast Score, user can only set or edit the batting order until the start of the match or closing of the user registrations for such match. While in Max Bash, user could change the batting order also while the match is in play, by switching the players along the batting order. Other leagues, Max Score and Max Boundary, are played on un-restricted batting basis, where a user’s team simply could bat any number of overs (no limit on balls faced) during the match.
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