How to analyze files in VirusTotal

Hello Guys In this video, I’m going to show you how to scan email attachment using VirusTotal, by sending an email. We download lots of files and software. But there are no any garantee that the file is safe or not. And many times antivirus software can’t catch the problem. In this video I am talking about a website, where you can scan any file without installing any software. If you like this video, please hit like and don’t forget to subscribe

If you come across any file which you suspect that it may be malicious, then you may use this site. But if you create scripts/softwares that are of Malicious intent, then do not use this site as it will share your script’s/Software’s hash with the AV manufacturing companies.
Instead of opening the VirusTotal homepage and adding file from PC to scan it for viruses, you can send an email directly to VirusTotal. In return, you will get an email that will show the scan results for that file.
Download This method is pretty good, but it has one drawback also. You can’t attach files more than the maximum attachment limit provided by the email service you’re using.
Also, EXE and other executable files are not supported in the attachment.
To scan email attachments using VirusTotal, log in to your email service account. I’ve used Gmail account for this video demonstration.
Compose a new mail and attach single or multiple files. After that, add “” in the recipient address. Also, add “scan” in the subject. Then, send the email.
After some time, you will receive an email from VirusTotal. In that email, you will see file name, size, and the list of antiviruses with their scanning report.
If you have attached multiple files for VirusTotal report, then you will get separate email for each of those attachments.
VirusTotal is the best website to check our files how secured are,we dont know how secured the websites are but we all use no.of websites many are spam and fake and some may sell our personal data.

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