How To Get Free USA Number

Hello Friends Today Share In this app how to use in usa number and get free call Did you know that you can have more than one phone number on your smartphone? With the application you can have up to three additional numbers on one SIM card, regardless of your operator. To have more cell numbers, you do not need another phone or a smartphone with the Dual SIM option.
You will receive the second number on the SIM card immediately, without unnecessary formalities and without a subscription. Immediately you will be able to enjoy the functionalities you know from the phone, but in a free mobile application. ?
The number 2 is a fully free chat application that gives you the opportunity to immediately use not only one but three additional numbers on your phone. Enjoy additional numbers without unnecessary costs, contracts and obligations – regardless of the operator that provides you with basic telecommunications services.
Do you want to keep your anonymity online and you need to provide a phone number? Do you want to put up in the offer or banner an offer for sale: flat, car or bike? Have a special advertisement number available in the mobile application.
Keep your private number for yourself and your loved ones – use the 2nr application and get an additional contact number! ????

Free new number without a contract, registration and without a SIM card
Temporary numbers that you can use when listing items
Another number when you are looking for a job
Additional business number or for renting an apartment
Free mobile number not to pay for roaming
An anonymous number to be used when restarting passwords and activating services
A special number that you only use when you need it
The service is 100% free, all you need is an Internet connection. Treat the application like a free mobile phone?
What do you gain?
You keep full anonymity
Security – Your private number will not go into the wrong hands
You conveniently use temporary numbers and delete them when you no longer need them
An application that also supports SMS and MMS
Dedicated voicemail and notifications – the caller can record a voicemail message and the application will notify you of a missed call and received message.
Full connection history, SMS / MMS – you can save or delete them, the choice is yours!
Free contact invitations sent as SMS
Ability to send a missed call to remind the person who was to contact you
Own configuration of reserved numbers (name, color, availability on selected days and times) ?


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