Strange vpn App For Android

Hey Guys now Share In this post How add host file to Vpn Strange Vpn is an app which provides VPN hosts and its popular for PUBG Mobile  Moreover you can also use it to open PUBG Mobile crates to get more rewards. It works by uploading a host file on to it, once done it will connect you to the VPN Service as specified in the host file. Downloading and Using Strange VPN is super easy. Let’s see how it works.

Strange VPN apk allows you to add and use different VPN host file in your android device to hack PUBG mobile. In this article, I’ll provide you link to download the apk file. We will cover the Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Strange VPN.
Strange VPN is basically a VPN service  which allows custom hosts to be uploaded within it. If you are doing any work that needs the custom host file to be used than Strange VPN APK can be your perfect choice.

This app is normally used by people to hack PUBG mobile apk and get various features such as auto-aim, auto headshot, high jump, etc. Moreover, you can also use this app to unlock blocked content on the internet. Strange VPN host is by far the most reliable and customizable VPN of choice by premium users.
This VPN application is mostly used by persons who want to use custom hosts to get the VPN service, hence it is very handy and easy to use the app. Give it a try and share your experience below in the comment section.

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