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Hello Guys Now share in this App Trick to Call with Unknown Number Call Free is a free wifi calling app with free call & free text & call identification. You can make free call & text free & get your unknown numbers identified, send SMS message all in one app with Call Free. Make low-rate international calls, directly make free call to a real phone number, even if your contact don’t have Call Free.
Get a unique personal US or Canadian phone number with Call Free. Easily turn a device like tablet into a phone, make free wifi calling on your device. Easily get a second number without another sim card, choose one for work, and another for family. You have many choices to earn credit, the most simple just need one tap. Earn more credits via completing some funny tasks, watching some cool videos, playing lucky plate. Call Free Key Features Make free call via costing credits

Call any phone in India not sparing a penny. You don’t need money to make a phone call. IndyCall works without credit cards, bills or balances. IndyCall also identifies unknown phone numbers for you.

Start the call
Select your contact or dial a number just like you always do.
Check out the advertisement
Wait until it ends or close it manually to proceed.
Do the talking

Indiminutes remove ads and duration limits. Each indyminute gives one minute to your call to India
Indiminutes may be used to call other countries, the duration is calculated basing on calling costs. You will see actual minute quantity when dial the number.
Option to register your phone number  DOWNLOAD LINK
Caller ID feature can be adjusted or disabled completely at any time in the settings menu.
You can get more free minutes for Indycall in Indycall Booster!


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