How to Block Ads In Android

Hello Friends Today share in this new post How to Block Ads In Android Block This! uses a unique technology that works on almost all devices and all networks. It blocks both browser and in-app ads.No, it works on both rooted and non-rooted devices.It works by changing your DNS settings and denying ads/malware/spam from being loaded.

MaxVPN is fast, free and safe VPN application that help you to unblock any website as well as pass blocked any application with only one click. In addition, MaxVPN helps you to protect your private personal information when browsing internet. The application hides and change your IP address, fake your location and granting you total online invisibility.
We manage a number of fast and reliable DNS servers in Europe and the US. The servers have a 99.99% guaranteed uptime which means that our service will be unavailable for no more than a 3-4 hours per year.

Since this is not a real VPN, your traffic does not get tunneled through a remote server. All we do is give your phone information about what to do with request to ads/malware/spam using DNS. No, we do not log any information on our DNS servers, ensuring that your privacy is well protected.

It can happen that an app pre-downloads ads on your device. Try launching “Block This!” and then clearing the cache for the app in question. If this does not help, it probably means that removing the ad would hinder your experience even more and we decided not to block it.

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