How To Hide chat app for Android

Hey friends today we have another great topic for you How to hide whatsapp chat name during chatting We are Addicted to Chatting and We will be chatting in almost all places like bus stops, buses, trains, classrooms, home, office, etc. And People Beside you will be peeking on your screen and It won’t Be secure any more.
Hide Chat Name is an app that instantly hides the name, Profile picture of the person with whom you are chatting on a single tap.

We Care for Your Privacy. Your Privacy Matters for Us.
Now you can Add Fake Name, Give Fake Profile Picture, Show a Fake Status.
Instant Guard Your Screen with a single tap on the floating icon.
You can give a Fake name to the other person and people around you will think you are Chatting someone else.
Direct Chat Feature with Our App Developer.
Move the icon wherever possible and easy for you

Hide Whatsapp Images, Videos & Audios with Chat Media Hider app
Hide or Store your chat images, videos and audios before anyone see it
Chat Media Hider is perfect solution for your privacy
Hide personal images, videos & audios in a single Click
We all know, many times we receive intimate images, videos and anyone with your cell phone can see it.
Stay safe and protected. Hide chat images and videos with Chat Media Hider.
Install Now for Free & Protect your Personal Media

Hide all your whatsapp media ( Images, Videos & Audios ) in single click
You can also add your media files individually ( so that only selected images & videos will be hidden )
All your hidden files will be stored in Chat Media Hider app & no-one can see them in gallery
Protect your media files with a password so that only you can see
All your login Attempts can be accessed from the Access History & see if anyone tried to login
Please remember the Secret question & answer. You can reset your password with the secret answer.
Reset password option will be available after 3 unsuccessful login attempts
Please click on Individual Mode for adding files manually

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