how to block all ads App In Android

Hello Friends today share in this post how to block all ads from your Fire Stick, Fire TV, Android Box, Android Phone, and Android Tablet. Hate ads from Youtube and your favorite APK’s? Then this simple install will help you out! And it’s totally free!

Blokada Slim is a free, easy to use tool to make it easy and fast to switch between DNSĀ  servers to provide you trustworthy, secure and reliable internet connection. It protects you against DNS spoofing, helps you to access websites which are blocked by your ISP.
Blokada Tunnel is a VPN optimised to work flawlessly with Blokada. You get one of the strongest encryption with minimal impact on battery life and speed. Together with the battle-tested content blocking functionality of Blokada, the Tunnel gives you peace of mind that your private activity stays private, even on public WiFi, and that noone is able to steal your sensitive information, like bank details or real location.

Protecting your privacy does not have to mean slow device or short battery life. We’ve worked for years on fine-tuning Blokada to give you the lightweight exerience you get today, and we apply the same philosophy to our Tunnel. The protocols and servers are carefully chosen to provide you stability and speed without compromise. We do not limit or measure your bandwidth.

You can activate the Tunnel at up to 3 Android devices at once. Android TV is supported too. What is more, Blokada Tunnel is compatible with Wireguard, and you can simply download your personal configuration file to use with Wireguard app on iOS, Linux, or Windows.

You can connect through any of our gateways available in several locations around the world. This way you can hide your real IP, and pretend you are elsewhere. Some websites use your location for pricing, so you may be able to save money. Access more content and unblock websites, no matter where you are.

With Blokada Tunnel, you support our independent work. We are a small team of developers who care about privacy, and like to bring innovative ideas to the people. For example, we just released a pilot of our new Partner Gateways program, which allows you to access content not available through traditional VPNs, like video streaming, and at the same time gives server owners a possibility to profit. And there is much more to come.

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