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Hello Friends Today share in this new Post how to work with other devices connected over same WiFi And watch its working.The content of Post is only for educational purpose in case of use of illegal I will be not responsible for any issue with you. I have done with my own devices .  android phone or device connected to same WiFi

The latest version, zANTI 3.0, includes the real-world, commonly-used cyberattack technique capabilities that enable penetration testers to perform multiple operations, as outlined in the bullets and screenshots below.

Conduct network scans, in different levels, to identify connected devices and their details:
Conduct Man In the Middle (MITM) attacks in order
Identify device properties that won’t be identified by scanning
Monitor decrypted data sent by the web browsers and the device applicatio
Session Hijacking
User and password Phishing attempts
Browsing redirection
SSL stripping
Image replacement

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