Best WhatsDoc Documentary App For Android

Best WhatsDoc Documentary App For Android View moment of connection, daily intervals for online activity, total duration.It helps manage and arrange all files into the folder structure View. It Integrated with File manager for advanced synchronization and quick and easy access to local files. This is a very simple and user-friendly app. Get a list of all documents available on your Smartphone at a single place.
Looking for document viewer for your files, it is now easy to view files using our versatile document viewer. The app is light on storage space and It’s a very friendly app easy to used.
With Word Office, whether you are sitting in the office, on the go or wherever you are, you always have a basic but friendly and modern set of working tools. Office applications with the latest version help you create, viewer and share from personal devices to anyone or teamwork easily

Document Viewer is an office application that allows you to read and view documents easily on mobile devices. We are supported to read all file documents types like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Text, PDF and compress files.

All document viewers have the following features:
Easy word viewer with a document viewer. (doc / docx)
Excel reader. (xls / xlsx)
PowerPoint viewer. (ppt / pptx)
Text file reader. (txt)
Portable Document Format viewer. (pdf reader)
Other documents and files. (zip / rar)

Other features
Completely offline document viewing. No need for internet read to document.
It takes only needs a couple of MBs.
Fast open document.
Easy to search for documents from an internal and external location.
Directly read file for anywhere via open app feature.
Easy to document attached to your email.
Provide a folder view structure easy to find the document.It provides the option to see the file with the full path so identifies where the file exists.
Quickly open the doc, ppt, xls, pdf, txt file formats.
Word, PPT, PDF Support quick scroll to a particular page.

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