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Hello Guys Now Share In this Best App Compass Gallery Vault Hide Photos &Videos Hide photos & videos from your photo gallery and access them easily using a secret passcode. The app is looks like as “Compass flashlight” , but if you long press on COMPASS title the SECRET VAULT will open and you can hide photo,video and audio.
Gallery Vault behind the Music Player app. You can hide images ,videos and audios.
Enjoy hidden video, photos and audios inside vault (SECRET VAULT have own video player ,audio player and photo viewer)
You can access SECRET VAULT with fingure print authentication (if device supported).You can also create a fake account to show vault empty,You can also share hidden media from vault with privacy Compass flashlight vault is a more than just a COMPASS, it is a complete privacy locker that gives you safely guard to protect your media (photo ,video and audio).
Want to hide your files, photos, and videos secretly in your device? Worried about someone snooping into your phone or tablet? Hide photos, videos and private files with one of the best security apps in the Play Store.

Andrognito uses military-grade encryption techniques to lock files with multiple layers of protection and offers one of the fastest encryption speeds. Andrognito is useful for storing your files in your private cloud and freeing up your device space.

It’s your personal photo, video and files vault to hide and keep safe all your personal data. The app has been trusted for more than 2 years as one the smartest ways to stay safe on Android.
This Permission is use to Unlock vault with your FingerPrint.
Read/Write Storage Permission: This Permission is use to hide and unhide files to storage.

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When ever you uninstall this app or Reset or Formate your phone, Before it Please Unhide All hidden files otherwise your hidden data lose forever.Cleaning tool may affect hidden files.

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