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Hello Guys Today we are share in this post How to Make Free On Android Add a ‘Call Me’ link to your website and let people get in touch with you in just one click. Whether they’re on a computer or mobile, they will get through with a voice call.  Send emails with ‘Call Me’ link and let people call you for FREE on your mobile phone directly from their desktop or mobile email client. me is your link to accepting international calls from customers all over the world. All they need is a link.

Ninja Number is the Second Phone Number app that lets you choose how you want to communicate. Separate business and personal calls with a designated 2nd phone number. Our industry-leading technology is ‘Always On’ (and trusted for over 20 years by the biggest businesses in the world,) ensuring you have coverage 24/7/365! With Cloud Power and Artificial Intelligence, our app turns your phone into a Virtual Assistant.

Always know who’s calling when you use Ninja Number as your business phone number. When you return calls with the app, your Ninja Number will display, keeping your personal number private.


Let Ninja Number handle customer questions for you! Customize questions and answers using AI-Powered Auto Reply, sit back and let your phone do the rest. Our technology ensures your incoming texts and voicemails will be scanned for the questions you programmed and will text back with the answers you create.

Don’t pay extra for visual voicemail. With Ninja Number’s smart technology, there’s no need to always answer the phone. Simply read your voicemails and text back – all within the same thread.

Running a business is hard, so put your phone to work. Ninja Number organizes your texts and voicemails, tags and filters your contacts and gives you detailed call analytics, so you don’t have to do it all.

Get extra call coverage by looping in four team members. Easily link your Ninja Number to other devices so that when a call comes in, all phones ring. You’ll only ever pay for one subscription.

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