How to Make Face Swap Videos with Android

How to Make Face Swap Videos with Android  i have done it using  Apps namely Background Eraser for Trimming the face out of an Image and then Kine Master Video Editor for inserting that Face into an Video and making it Animate. It is better if you take a gif face with facial moments or expression rather than a still image. And of course you can insert multiple faces into an Video. However i have shown a Single Face of mine.

Try incredibly realistic face swap in GIFs! With this app, deepfake technology has been made accessible to everyone who wants to be a face changer. You don’t need Photoshop skills or professional services. Just download Doublicat — your personalized meme generator — make a selfie, and start refacing!

The process is really simple. With Doublicat GIF editor, even your grandma can face swap and become Kanye West in real time.
Doublicat is an advanced AI-powered face swap GIF creator & memes app. From the moment you install this face app to the moment you create the first personalized GIF meme it will take you 5 seconds. Create your celebrity virtual doubles, share on social media, and play a photo roulette with friends!

With Doublicat video maker, you can quickly become a video star — trying on the face of any celebrity or movie character. And if you can’t choose one — we’re not limiting you. Face swap pictures endlessly, create a personal photo collage, start a photo roulette, or use filters on the results. Doublicat is your own photo booth with endless capabilities.

Launch the app and take an instant selfie.
Pick a GIF meme and put your face on it.
Continue refacing in a funny photo editor.
Make a meme of your own.
Create your own personalized GIF reactions and GIFs for texting.
Amaze your friends with personal face filters.

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