Auto Silence Your Android Phone

Are you annoyed of switching your android smartphone from silent mode to general mode and vice-versa !! Are you always embarrassed due to your ringtones at certain places when you forget to enable the silent mode in your smartphone whether you are in class or in gym or in mosque? If yes! Then we have a solution..”Auto Silent Scheduler”.. This app lets us create the timing list which will be automatically enabled your mobile mode on silent or on vibration.

Auto silent Scheduler automatically enters into silent and vibrate mode for the given time of period and come back to it’s starting condition before starting that schedule time.

This App will ensure that your mobile device enters and exits the Silent Mode or Vibration Mode between a given period of time.

It has following key Features.
Simple User Interface.
Timed Silent
Mute Your phone
Switches back to Ringer Mode Automatically
Vibrate mode added
Just set Silent Hours
Automatically switches to Silent Mode between a given period of time.
User can select days in the week for which he/she want profile should run or no
You can edit your give schedule/profile at any time.
User can auto repeat same profile on different days.
Multiple Profiles can be added with different times
Prevents embarrassment
Manage various profiles at same time

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