Best Game In crowd City App On your Smart Phone

Hello guys Today share in this Post Best Game In crowd City App On your Smart Phone Crowd Run City is a new, fun game. The aim of the game is to reduce the number of crowd that keeps coming into the city. Crowd Run City lets you hunt down people that keeps coming close to you. This city is popular but the crowd do not know that you are at wars with them protecting the city.

This game will definitely bring in more crowd into the city from time to time but remember to not kill pets. But the only way to be popular is to keep reducing the crowd population as if in the wars but protect the pets.

Crowd Run City is addictive, fun and irresistible. The crowd will make you feel irritated but you must remember that mission is to protect the city from overpopulation.

Love this game almost as much as but both aren’t without flaws. Would have been 5 stars but for these reasons:  Needs more game modes like hole. After playing for over a week I had to manually adjust the date on my phone before I could get the consecutive days skins  Above 500ish people the game gets very glitchy, it’s worse with more detailed skins like the dinosaur or zebra  It does suck slot of resources, my phone is quite warm after playing a few rounds It has potential but that’s it. Free version is overloaded with ads that you cannot skip, which are there to simply slow you down and hide the fact that the game is extremely shallow. If you’ll pay to remove ads (which you absolutely should not do), you will quickly discover that the game has around 30 minutes of gameplay in it. It only has one map, with the same set of rules that never change. Literally nothing is happening, so it gets boring super fast.

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