Best and New WhatsApp trick app for Android

Hey Guys today we are sharing super app for Android users.WhatsBox allow its users to have a peace of mind that their privacy is being protected. WhatsApp users are able to control which information is seen by other WhatsApp users at any given time. The Snoozer option allows WhatsBox users to appear offline while still being online. WhatsApp uses a system of ticks to indicate different statuses of messages you send. The ticks will be visible at the bottom right hand corner of the message speech bubble, next to the time stamp. One grey tick means that the message has been sent successfully.

Lite open for whatsapp is free all time using whatsapp web api chat.
it’s secure to send your message without hacking or spy ,safe all time ,personalized,free.
This lite app is just for android app and not for ios.
By using open for whatsapp lite all contact who you send them a message,this messages saved in a list to contact them in
other time.
you don’t need to lock whatsapp with this app just put your msg and send it.
Use open for whatsapp lite latest version.and open all Your phone number

WhatsBox has so many features that are sure to have you even more intrigued with your WhatsApp. Because of its popularity, Whatsapp tools has grown and evolved into a tremendous application that is available on most platforms, especially for the Android community. Tool for WhatsApp allows its users to even use this application on their Personal Windows Computers. Which is quite convenient, especially if you work or play from your computer.

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