How to make fake Notification App on Android

Hello Guys we are share in this post Create fake notification in just 3 steps . You just have to Input app name, message & then select icon. There are seamless ways to use this app one important use is to ” Get out from extreme unwanted situations by faking important notifications from relatives”.
Accidentally deleted notification? Don’t want to miss important notification? Are you waiting for a message? Identify the notification via sound?

No longer miss notification about orders, sales, gift code, discount, new youtube/facebook content or any messages, notifications anymore!

Archive all notifications and trigger actions when receiving notifications such as Play sound, Vibrate, or Show preview content. Just hear that you can identify the notification without having to open the phone, so you do not miss important notification and take immediate action.
ByVoice reads incoming calls, text messages and notifications from apps (such as Kakao Talk, Line, Twitter, Facebook, Watts app, Instagram, etc.) out by voice.

You do not have to do dangerous things like turn your head and look at the phone to check your text messages while driving.
If you are wearing an earphone while studying at the library, you can find out notifications even if you do not check your mobile phone.

Create notification on the spot.
Schedule Multiple notification
History of Notifications
Re-send old notification
Edit old notification
Set user icon – That is who sent the message

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