How to backup your call log App on your smart phone

How to backup your call log and restore it in any time you want. The best and the easiest way to add and edit your phone call log. You can edit the time, date, duration, call type, and phone number for any call you have made. Also, you can add any call to the log with a specific time, date, during and type.
In other words, you can customize you log as you like.
With “SMS Backup, Print & Restore” you can create backups of your SMS, MMS and RCS logs and then share it using Email, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and every other sharing method your phone provides. then you can use the files for storing in your pc or backup to the cloud. later you can use these files to restore your messages or print them

So, What can you do with “SMS Backup, Print & Restore”:
just send your messages to your email or leave the files on your device – you can restore all the messages on the same device if they desire or on another device
Share the backup to your email, open on the desktop and print or download an app that directly prints from the phone (most printer providers have them).
There’s another feature; that you Can backup your call history (log) and restore it.
This application will appear as “Phone” on your smartphone to guarantee your privacy.
This application doesn’t store any user data.
This application works offline and doesn’t require an internet connection.
It’s an Ads-free app (enjoy without ads).
No registration is needed.
Simple, reliable and easy to use

Download the App

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