How to safe your mobile

Hello guys now share in this app How to safe your mobile if your phone is secure with a password, pattern, or pin, then others cannot access it, but some intruders can try to access your phone by guessing your password, pattern, or pin.

And in the worst case, if your phone is stolen, then it’s obvious that the thief will try to unlock your phone by guessing your password, pattern, or pin.

To solve this problem, all you have to do is install the Alarm on Wrong Pattern app on your phone, and it will help you in catching intruders and thieves.

This app works on a simple logic that if someone is trying to unlock your phone by guessing your password/pattern/pin, then there are high chances that there will be wrong attempts.

If the wrong password/pattern/pin is entered a few times to unlock your phone, then this app captures the photo of the intruder with the front camera, and it will mail you the intruder’s selfie.

If your phone is connected to a network, then with the intruder selfie it will also send the location of the intruder in mail.

This app will not only capture the intruder selfie, but it will also ring an alarm, blink your mobile phone flashlight, and vibrate your phone. So if the intruder is near you, then you will come to know about it.

Even if the intruder is far from you still with alarm, vibration, and flashlight, other people near the intruder will get that something is wrong here.

In this app, you can set after how many wrong attempts you want to capture the intruder selfie and ring the alarm.

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