How does the zoom processor generate revenue?

How does the zoom processor generate revenue?


Shortly before video calling, Skype was used by everyone from Android to PC. Since 2019 a processor called Zoom has come to push it all back. Here is the answer to the question that arises in the minds of many people about how this processor generates revenue

About ZOOM:

       The Zoom app is a video calling processor. More than 100 people can participate in this activity.

The Zoom Processor was developed on April 21, 2011, in California, USA.

How does the Zoom app earn?

ZoOM processor does not display any ads. Instead, zoom makes money by paying users in the zoom App. Users pay to get more video calling feature in Zoom, thereby making Zoom money.

Zoom Processor Plan:

First Plan This plan is free {Only 40 minutes }. The second Pro plan costs $ 14.99, the next Business plan costs $ 19.99 and the last Enterprise plan costs $ 19.99.

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